domenica 6 ottobre 2013

Tips’n Tricks for Thinspiration:

1. Avoid eating in front of the computer or TV as you should focus on your food while eating.
2. Record everything you’ve eaten in journal or diary.
3. Green tea detoxes and speeds up your metabolism. So, drink 3 cups of green tea per day.
4. Exchange a bad habit for a good one, i.e. exchange eating for yoga, meditation or reading more. It is hard, but really rewarding.
5. Reward yourself with something you want on completing the decided goal of weight loss.
6. Whatever money you usually spent on meal, save that in a glass jar and watch its growth.
7. Make a notebook of thinspiration for recording – notes, letters, thoughts and mainly pictures of your goal.
8. Whenever you feel hungry, just brush your teeth. A fresh mouth helps you keep AWAY from craving to eat.
9. Consume spicy foods as it increase your metabolism and burn little more calories than other foods as well as give you different taste rather than same old boring low-cal stuff.
10. Whenever you feel hungry, go to a friend’s house instead of raiding the fridge.
11. If you want to suck the fat out, drink 2 tbsp of vinegar prior to the meal.
12. Opt for cold water only – it burns more calories as you have to recover the body temperature.
13. You should have a 3 hour gap between eating and going to bed.
14. Drink too much water as it makes you feel full all the time.
15. Chew gum or tic tacs (2 cals each) in place of snacking in the day.
16. Set thinsparation pics nearby to motivate yourself.
17. Take a sip of your drink during all mouthful of food. Ultimately, you fill up faster and slow your eating and stay in control.
18. Purchase a pair of trousers for the size you want to be, also pay out good money on them. Try them on everyday, and let yourself count the days you are away for getting its fitting. This curiosity motivates you to lose weight faster than ever.
19. Get your sleep for at least 6 hours a night, below 6 hours rouse appetite by 15%.
20. Particularly draw attention on the first 4 bites of a meal. Later, the excitement of eating will be little by little.
21. Count to 100 earlier than taking your food. When you’ve finished counting, you can convince yourself that it’s not good for you, so avoid it.
22. If you put low temperature by 10 degrees in your house, it helps you burn more calories.
23. Opt for dark color plates like black or navy blue plate for eating, you’ll eat less.
24. At one time, eat small amounts of food and chew well.
25. You’ll burn at least 10% more calories by sitting up straight.
26. Grab a stalk of Celery in your snack as it help you burn calories, fill you up quickly and also get your metabolism kicking.
27. Whenever you’re eating, just think of somewhat disgusting or somewhat that makes you feel sick or see a picture that makes you feel sick. This will make you less inclined for eating.
28. If your nails get a bluish tinge because of starvation, then wear nail polish or get acrylics.
29. Avoid going to the school canteen with your friends; you may eat more.
30. Opt for Smart Water as it has 0 calories and electrolytes.
31. While you’re eating, opt for diet sodas instead of water because it prolongs the digestion process.
32. Do exercises whenever you feel hungry.
33. Chewing sugar-free gum increases metabolism by 5%, as well as it keeps your mouth busy.
34. Watermelon is full of water, consuming it in bulk helps you feel up very fast with fewer calories.
35. Walk around nude if you are alone in the house and look in every mirror you can, later on you won’t desire to eat as of seeing how truly fat and horrible you are.
36. Try and eat only one meal a day, though it is very small.
37. In case you lose control while you’re eating, just stop. Now, take a long drink and take a deep breath and carry on. Pausing for a bit helps interrupt a decrease into binge eating.
38. Never eat later than 7 pm as your body metabolizes very slow at that time.
39. Cut your food into small pieces earlier than you eat it. Eat as gradually as you can and chew your food for a long time. Expand a time consuming ritual, this helps you eat less.
40. Whenever you get hungry, just look at yourself and see how fatty you are!
41. Take single food per day like an apple. Cut it into 8 pieces then eat 2 pieces for breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at snack, and 2 pieces left for a dinner. It seems that it’s eaten 4 times a day; in fact you’ve eaten just 1 apple. Take a different food for the next day and do the same.
42. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Set an hourly alarm that reminds you to drink a glass.
43. Get your tongue pierced, so you couldn’t eat anything while it’s curing.
44. Sleeping late on the weekends help you miss breakfast and lunch.
45. Place a jump rope by your bed, so you can easily see it each morning when you wake up. Now, take it and do just 5-10 minutes, after that drink a bottle of water and begin your day.
46. You should take multi-vitamins during your dieting to keep your hair, skin and teeth all appealing and healthy, besides keeping you away from hunger pangs.
47. Coffee works as a diuretic, an appetite suppressant, and energy stimulant, so drink it but don’t drink too much.
48. Convince yourself about your dislike to food. Now, as and when you think of favorite food, just think ‘yuck’ instead of ‘yum’.
49. Opt for smart food choices, it means consume foods with vitamins and calcium.
50. Daily spend a little time although it’s just 5-10 minutes, on surfing Pro-ana sites for motivation.
51. If you are just about to binge, weigh up yourself. This will ring a bell that you still have to lose weight and you shouldn’t eat. If not so and you finally end up with eating, then weigh yourself to spot how much weight you put on after that evil food and ensure that you lose weight soon.
52. When you feel hungry, just purchase bagels that are 98% fat free. Get one of it, split in half, and now chew on single piece. This will fill you up because they appear heavy. Mouthful bagels are enough, so throw out the rest. As they’re dry, drink lots of water with it that also fills you up.
53. Make use of the scale, and assess different parts of your body every month to spot how much you’re losing.
54. Get in touch with your little child as they are so skinny and always running around. Follow the examples like, jump on a trampoline, mount on the monkey bars, go for skateboarding, and more that’s fun and active. This will help you burn more calories amazingly.
55. Try to keep away from saturated fats as much as possible.
56. If you are on diet, follow a diet that’s not only low in fat but also high in fiber, this helps you lose up to three times more weight compared to those people on a diet that’s just low in fat.
57. If you go outside for a meal, order the soup for a starter. Now, excuse yourself with anything for the main course.
58. If you get lunch money, then save up this money by skipping your lunch and purchase something that you want like books, CD’s, clothes, etc.
59. Besides multi-vitamins, take a calcium supplement daily too. Opt for the chewable flavor.
60. Set a short-term goal (as a long-term goal isn’t good enough and won’t work well) and take away something you love; movies, TV, sex, music, smoking, etc. until you achieve that goal.
61. Low self-esteem encourages you; put on baggy clothes to make you feel fatter than you are in reality, and hate each reflection you observe.
62. Out of sight is out of mind. It is believed that when you find any goodies lying around on surfaces or tables, you will definitely attract to them. So, it is good to put them away or cover/hide them.
63. Make a habit of putting at least one bite in your plate. This polite thing helps you build up your overall control.
64. Whenever you get hungry, just relax yourself, curled up on your sofa or on your bed. Relaxing means that you won’t desire to move, it also means not getting up for food.
65. When you get a truly bad craving – just turn on the TV. Try to watch programs which have lots of gorgeous, skinny actresses/models on it. This will encourage you, also it’s a clear-cut way to curb an appetite.
66. Try to have a very busy and active timetable. Following this, you don’t have adequate time to binge.
67. Fool your metabolism by continually varying the number of calories you can consume daily. For example, eat 500 calories on Monday, 100 on Tuesday, 800 on Wednesday, no calories on Thursday, and 400 calories on Friday.
68. Get other options to satisfy your oral fixation, excluding the food. They include smoking, water, iced tea, chewing gum, sugarless mints and diet coke.
69. Purchase some baby teething gel then rub it on your tongue, it helps to numb your tastebuds.
70. Build a stack of magazines that weighs the same amount you would like to drop. As you drop, take off the relevant amount of magazines. This helps you realize what a difference you have made.
71. Sucking on ice will provide your mouth with something that keeps it busy as well as helps your body obtain more water, without drinking liquids directly.
72. It is also good to watch other people eat, and feel superior! This makes you feel proud on yourself, ultimately encourage yourself for more weight lose.
73. Try to avoid artificial things (including gum), taking into account their harmful elements like aspartame and sucralose.
74. Whenever you feel the urge to eat, just try to turn your mind by doing something that will make you feel or look better. For ex. pick flowers for your pamper time, soak in a bubble bath with a book, use a masque, light candles, whiten your teeth… and so on.
75. Prunes or prune juice can truly clear your system. It is good for beginners to get things move properly. Though it is high in calories, use it by dedicating all of your daily calories. By doing so, you can really start with a flush out system. Note that your stomach may damage if you never had prune juice earlier than, but it is just gas and it will pass.
76. Slow down your eating by using the opposite hand. For ex. left handed people eat with their right hand, and vice versa.
77. Wear a rubber band around the wrist and snap it when you wish for eating. This way, you’ll prepare yourself for keeping away from eating.
78. Cleaning something grubby like – the toilet, under the kitchen sink, scrubbing out the garbage bin, the litter box, anything dirty or smelly – can make you go down your appetite. The clutter and smell of the cleaner also put you off food temporarily.
79. Freeze your foods like fruits, yogurts and flavored ice cubes. Frozen yogurts or other things take more and more time to eat, so you feel full for longer.
80. Skip your dinner; eat breakfast plus lunch, or just breakfast. This gives your body adequate time to burn off the calories. You can eat all three in small meals, but ensure to finish the last one at least four hours earlier than your bed time.
81. Set a meal plan for every day as well as put the limit of calories that you’ll allow yourself to eat.
82. Don’t slouch, you burn more calories and tighten your tummy by sitting up straight.
83. Lacking sleep stimulates your appetite, it is believed that most people who sleep for minimum 6 hours a day can lose more weight and they are less hungry.
84. Do 50 sit ups each morning, it helps you increase your metabolism rate and makes your stomach and chest appear better.
85. Weigh your body BEFORE as well as AFTER every time you eat.
86. Exercise twice the amount of calories you consume.
87. Find and set pictures of overweight people or family members in various places around your house.
88. Follow the 3B’s Bake, Broil, and Boil for ALL YOUR FOODS!
89. Must avoid Fried Foods.
90. Train you for Balance. Walk with a book on your head as this helps you with bearing and balance as well as make tighter the tummy.
91. Take a long bath or hot shower. This helps you to divert the mind and raise blood circulation.
92. Cut a fresh lemon and smell it. This works as an appetite controller, you can also use Orange, Fresh ginger, etc.
93. Ensure that your plate is half veggies and/or fruit at lunch as well as at dinner. Or make a great quick dinner or lunch: Take seven bags of your beloved frozen vegetables, mix, microwave, and then top with the desired low-fat dressing. You can enjoy it in 3 to 4 cups a day.
94. Follow Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen trick: Put red lipstick on faultlessly, now if you eat it will be spoiled or messed up all over your teeth.
95. Exercise earlier than you eat. It will give you extra time to think about what you truly want to eat; also when you are ready to eat you’ll be more comfortable with it as you have just burned some calories.
96. This is unique one than what other pro-ana sites may say. While you sleep, raise the temperature of your room rather than lowering it. Sleep in sweats also underneath all of your covers, you’ll drop water weight. However, it’s not your actual weight, you will feel good having a look at the scale after getting out of bed.
97. If you’re in college, plan classes around meal times. This helps you keep away from eating.
98. Eat just half of your food and throw the rest away. It sounds wasteful, but it is a good trick to show some control against your excess.
99. Place your gym bag in the kitchen… ring a bell so that you know how much you have to work out to go down the calories you are thinking about eating!
100. Be habitual for having a big breakfast. It assists you eat fewer total calories right through the day.